Making trigger sound loco horn


Hi, I thought this would be easy but despite the manual I cant work this out. I have added triggers outside tunnels on the track and added a check trigger rule to detect them. All fine. I want to add a child rule "Hornz" in order to make the loco sound the horn at each trigger.. i can do this within the drivers schedule (Ie; add the command at a specific point) but cannot find the hornz rule to add as a child rule? Can anyone help
I have TRS2006 SP2
Thanks for the pointer. I have searched bloodnok on the dl station, lots of his stuff but nothing about horn / whistle can you point me in the right direction?
@ nwhitney,
How do you set it up, nwhitney? I can't get it to work...:(

@ gratton20,
It's installed with '06. You already have it.

I found the trackside sound horn in the surveyor menu, placed it on a track - it doesnt work .. am I missing something?
Seems to me that the trouble with trainz is ... do something complicated and its quite straightforward, want to do something (apparently) simple ... and you gotta hell of a job on your hands LOL
Just cannot get this horn thing to work, it just places on the track and then zilch. No explanation in the manual, or with the item .. surely its not such a big deal to be able to blow a horn LOL
SUSSED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I just realised how it works, it is simple ... once you think of it, (trouble is it took me so long LOL). You just place the trackmark horn, or the invisible horn trackmark and make sure it is the right way round, ie, so only trains going in the direction you want will trigger it. Then to test it .. DONT run a train manually - it will NOT work, set up a small AI train .. that will work! It doesnt work with manually driven trains ... hope that helps
I still can't it to work :( but I did find this one that works beautifully well, AutoHornZ invisible <kuid:200726:24033> ;)

All you have to do is place it on the track and drive an AI through it. It's that easy.:)