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Hi, all!

I was wondering if you guys know any good trolley signals I can place on the trolley train tracks? Here's what the MBTA trolley signals in Boston do:


Red over Red - Stop and Stay until signal clears or waved on by inspector.
Red - Stop, Wait 1 minute, then proceed at not more than 10 mph, prepared to stop short of train ahead, obstruction or broken rail.

Yellow Arrow - Proceed at restricted speed if arrow indicates correct route, watching for switch points.

Yellow over Yellow - Stop (Station Occupied), then proceed at restricted speed ready to stop short of train ahead.

Yellow - Proceed at restricted speed ready to stop at next signal.

Green - Proceed at allowable speed


Most are a simple rectangular box with doors on one side and three to five lenses on the side facing the train.

Top to bottom:

Interlocking facing points:

Straight Arrow
Diverginng Arrow

Station Entrance


Interlocking - trailing points:


General Signal


Lunar White is NOT used to mark timed blocks.

When two lenses the same color are on top and bottom they light together.


If such signals don't exist on the DLS, I was wondering if anybody is willing to make one for me?
I'm asking since I plan on running like 10 trolley cars each direction, and I want to avoid these trolleys crashing into each other. I'm going to have the trolleys on automatic drive, but I don't think standard signals will work. If a trolley train occupies a track, the signal will turn red and meaning the other 9 trainsets won't move.

I was wondering if there's any trolley signals that work as the MBTA trolley signal I described in my previous post above this one?
Here you can see the trolley signals I'm talking about in this video.


The movie needs Quicktime 7 player to view.

Incidentally, I've also been wondering how I can paint pillars, create stations with combination of curved and straight tracks, and getting a tunnel with lights and pipe textures as seen in the video.

I'm trying to model the MBTA Green Line subway system, and its a bit hard to find the right subway stuff to match the Green Line. Most subway kits are for standard heavy rail subways, not light rail trolley subways, hence my difficulties finding and creating stuff for the Green Line.
The Trainz signal system can only understand Red for stop Yellow for proceed at reduced speed and Green for proceed, no other signals can be defined, other then ones showing which way a junction is set and those are really only needed for Human drivers. Thus you will have to make down with just these three..
I've tried to make similar stations myself. I suggest using andi06's station kit. It's quite flexible and allows you to make straight, curved and S-stations similar to the video footage. The kit also includes pillars that are also quite similar. You'd have to reskin them though, to fit your video.

As for the AI, you could try to use invisible signals at regular intervals. I tried that on a tram line I made a long time ago and it worked quite well.

Man this makes me want to start working on a tram route again :D
Thanks for the info. How and where do I get invisible signals and invisible junction switch levers? I've looked on the DLS and can't seem to find these invisible stuff. Also how do I make certain junction arrows invisible while keeping others visible? Case in point- Invisible tracks, AJS's traffic light kits, train yards, etc.
It might be a red herring of course, but have you tried searching the DLS for the word 'Invisible' :eek:
Here's a few screenshots of my bare-bones section that I'm in the process of fleshing out.

The area is a huge hub. I've placed the trolley route + stops between the Maglev terminus (the domed building to the right in the screenies) and a 16 track regular rail terminus to the left (not in screenie). 8 tracks is dedicated for electric locos, and another 8 is dedicated to non-electrics.




By the way, how can I get feedback on my route? Keep posting my layout stuff here in Trainz Surveyors + Engineers section? Or do I post route feedback elsewhere?