Looking for a Blimp


Old Hand
I have been working for some time on a portion of the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines and have just put in the airport at Woodbine which is right next to the tracks and have been flying DC3's out of it. It then occurred to me that Navy Blimps were a very common sight along the coast of New Jersey in the 1950's, operating out of Lakehurst on anti-submarine patrols. Can anyone remember if anyone has done a blimp in Trainz? I've done some searching in the DLS but have come up dry.

How about planes with an advertising banner behind them to fly along the beaches?
a week by mail

I have a US Navy WWII K-class Blimp about 75% ready. I just need to fix an issue or two with the depth bombs & propellers. Since DLS approvals may be iffy at this time, I could send you a copy via mail if you would like when it's finished. It is part of my first content set, as a simple pallet of WWiI style bombs grew into several related products. The reskin permission will be :give me mesh credit," as the K-74 (only blimp to be lost in a battle with a uboat) will be the only one I model.

I don't know how kindly the folks at Lakehurst will be to the Graf Zeppelin flying over the Jersey Shore :D

I'm from Jersey....you from Jersey?
"Oh the humanity!"

As far as the airplane pulling the banner, I've made some banners as rail cars, but the darn airplanes available do not have a coupler! If I have overlooked something, please let me know.

I'll email or PM you after the holidays fuzzybear63. Sounds like just what I am looking for.

It occurred to me that someone with real scripting abilities (not me) could do skywriting in Trainz...we have smoke after all. Wonder what the advertisements should say?