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I'm in the process of trying to rebuild Pennsylvania Railroads Altoona shops as they looked at about 1938. And i was wondering if there was anyone out there who know of any buildings in trainz that are close to the ones in Altoona shop complex?
Ben Dorsey (bendorsey) made a bunch of back shops including a transfer table and multiple smaller structures. There are also lots of sanding towers, water towers, and other buildings around both built-in and on the DLS. Another creator comes to mind as well. Check the stuff by George Fisher (gfisher).

Here are some screen shots of my L&A engine service and backshops. We will see I've used a lot of Ben's buildings.

Thank goodness for backups! I think John said it best calling it "route cancer" as the back shops above were almost destroyed by this wicked cancer :'(. After some major surgery and a route merge the L&A back shops are again in business. I know it sounds silly. but make backups of your dream route or risk seeing it going to digital Hell :confused:.

Duly noted. :)

And two things.

1. your a better shop builder then i could ever hope to be!

2. where can i find this route?
Dave's route is unavailable at least for now.

I agree I couldn't build anything this nice either. This is excellent work! :)

Unfortunately, aside from Ben's buildings, the community is lacking in much else in the way of Backshop buildings.... Turn down and Rebuild Facilities tended to have alot of similarities, (Stripping Facility, Disassembly area, Boiler shop, Wheel house, Tooling areas, Machine Shop, and the ever present warehouse farm full of parts, etc etc), and alot of these areas would have similar characteristics. I'd love to see some sets of tools made for the game, and some specific buildings modeled.

-Don't forget to model some kind of Sub-station since Railroads were pretty quick to pick up on the use of electricity, and as often as not their larger facilities had their own transformers/substations.

Holy smokes, 3x Round tables? That'd make anyone heads spin.....

The one BIG problem i'm gonna have with this route is that there aren't any buildings in trainz that can fill in for the Juanita locomotive erecting shop that still stands to this day
I made a series of items called Engine Complex Part 1 through Part 12. Not sure if you have any of them in here or not. They are for TRS2004 but should easily convert to newer versions with minimal changes in the config file.

Are you guys at the Backshop taking commission ? for Steam ?? Just started running your work again , and I'm impressed at whats been done .