Little route I started


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Little route I started a few days ago. It is suppose to be someplace back east where the big leaf trees are numerous. Thank you to the folks over at Jointed Rail for all the great content. I would never have gotten back into route building if it weren't for the release of their innovative intermodal facility and other industries.

If you search "river" on the DLS, there are a few splines that are transparent, and would look pretty good over the paint on your river. It's a really convincing way to do it, and it ends up looking great.
More than I've ever mastered.. :/ I'd love to make my own route, rather than edit others, though I'm not really sure what I'd like to do...

Good luck on your route though. :)
Thank you for all the replies. This is the first route I have every really put any work into. I usually just up date pre-made routes. Here are a few more shots of what has been done.

This is where I have combined my route with the Smithville Hump yard...I believe it was called...that I had found on the download station.

Some urban sprawl...the city of Pendilton is taking shape. Along with some off line warehouses along the Industry spur.