Layer usage techniques


In an attempt to find a way for multiple authors to edit a single route in parallel, then add all the changes together into the next iteration of the master route, I'm looking at use of layers, since the MPS facility seems unable to cope with large routes containing a very large number of asset types not included in the "for use with MPS" list.

If a number of items in a route or one of its layers are marked as bound to a sub-session layer, those items can be made invisible by clicking off the eye in that sub-session layer, so that when the route and session are loaded together, the items so-bound can be made to disappear in the route. The N3V layers tutorial explains this as a way of making various items invisible so that other items can be put in their place ..... for a particular session.

My question: can you go any further with this bound-to-session-layer technique? For example:

Is it possible to make an arrangement as above then delete the sub-session layer to which route-level items have been bound so that the items, despite being in the route layer, are also deleted? Or does deleting the bound sub-session layer just unbind those items, leaving them still extant in the route layer?

I suppose I should just experiment. But any advice or guidance from those who already have would be gratefully received.