lars load and unload small problems


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Hi All,
When putting Lars loader on a straight line between A and B for example at one of the line it loads wagons, but put Lars unloader at the opposite end of line will not unload but will unload if you go past the unloader reversing the consist it will .. Any answers to this little situation...... Many thanks to anyone who replys to this problem.. Cheers, Robynne.
Lars are not exactly operated like a MIN...theyre usually set up as setting aside cars along it, and let the train wait for the process to complete...Once a train if under AI command is basically DRIVE TO>industry load/unload no other commands can follow til the process has completed...
I use PROLARS, you can set a cut of cars and leave them there while you go about the next task. You can then come back later and pick them up loaded. You can find many on the DLS look for "PL" in the industry section.
You can do both jobs on the one track
First drive to a track mark just past the Lars track, so one wagon sits on the track and and tell it to "stop train",dont tell it to unload. You can work out how long it needs to unload and put this in as a "wait for" order, or once the train is empty you can move it forward till another wagon is on the track and it will reload the train. Or you can have a second track mark further along the track and repeat the instructions.