Laptop Spec: T:ANE-worthy?


Learning... slowly!
Hi All,

I need a new laptop for general personal use and have spotted one which has the added bonus of a dedicated graphics card. Please could someone be so kind as to tell me if the following would run T:ANE?

The laptop is a 15" HP with:
Full HD WLED Display
2.7GHz AMD A12 Processor (Up to 3.6 with Turbo Boost)
AMD Radeon 530 2GB DDR3 dedicated GPU

The laptop would be used for all sorts including Music software, with T:ANE a big bonus. From my research it sounds like this processor is designed for gaming but wouldn't be quite so effective under normal use. Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks for any information.
I'm going to say I'm not sure. My gut feel is its on the low end side. I can find no references to the GPU which makes me think its a relabelled low end one. Suspicious aren't I?

You don't show which country you are in but looking at there are some GTX1050 laptops for about a thousand and I wouldn't go below this for TANE. GTX1060 would be better.

Cheerio John
My feelings are, that almost NO "Big Box" store's, in stock, low quality I7's laptops will even come close to even running Trainz ... They must be specially ordered, and shipping times are quickly running out prior to Christmas delivery
Thanks guys. I ended up with a different machine with an i7-7500U NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 4GB dedicated GPU. Any better for T:ANE?