Junctions on Bridges?


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Hi all,
I need to do some junctions on bridges (not a junction *of* bridges, which would be nice, too, but just tracks merging on top a bridge)- There are a couple of odd things here in Richmond :).

Workaround 1)
I used JJSlll54's excellent JJS_Deck_Girder for normal double tracks and I ran into two problems: I can lay a track on top of the deck, which looks a bit funny but somewhat fakes the junction. I could alternatively replace the track with an invisible track. Both versions of course needs some serious fiddeling with the heights, but in either way my overlay tracks often snap to the deck, which is of course not what I want.

Workaround 2)
I used james73's bridge_sup and put a Klapec SD Bridge Beton on top - also not really what I wanted.

The solution would be a spline (not a track) of a bridge where I can put my tracks on top. That way the tracks would also not 'snap' onto the bridge. Is there a way I can use jjslll54's .im file for that?

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Hi all,
I need to do some junctions on bridges

Not a problem - doing it all the time :)

Take a look at kuids;

9000:37012, :37021, :37023, :37020


60238:38126, :38150, :38181

The latter are bridge decks only, and you need to place your own support pillars - of which there are a variety on the DLS.

Hope this helps.
Or if you don"t mind cheating you can lay your own track ABOVE the track on the bridge and if your track has a decent width of ballast it will completely obscure the bridge track underneath.