JR Website Wishlist Section experiencing problems


New member
Hello everyone,
Not sure if this is the right place or not to post the issue I am experiencing, and apologize if it isn't. I Wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing the same issue as I have been the last few days. The problems vary and are not consistent. First, when I try to add a item into the wishlist section on the JR site, it does not seem to add the item, even if I try to refresh the page. This can go on after multiple attempts. When I keep trying and do manage to get an item added and want to add another, the previous item that was added gets deleted and I am back to my original problem with nothing being added to the wishlist. I use the Chrome Browser so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it or not or if there may be some other type of glitch preventing me to add anything. I just wanted to share this with everyone and see if anyone else has the same problem I am experiencing as I do not know if it may be something on my end or if it may be something else that no one be be aware of. Hopefully I can get to add items back normally soon.