JR Route Release: Eagle River Railway


From JointedRail and the creator of Coal Country, we are proud to announce the Eagle River Railway is now available.
Take a trip through 18 miles of twisting shortline railroad based around the rich forests of the pacific northwest. From the logging camps and town of Keane high in the mountains, battle the downhill grades to deliver wood to the transfer facility in Beaver Cove. Logs are dumped into the water to be towed to market.


Here's what's included:

  • MOW Hopper
  • Compressor Car
  • 54ft Flatcar
  • 50ft Boxcar
  • Spine Car
  • Caboose
  • SD7
  • GP40-2
  • GM1 in Eagle River paint will be freely available from the Australian Trainz Division upon release of the route on or about 8/3 (https://www.australiantrainzdivision.com/
  • BW9
  • GP15T
  • Custom Content
  • Sessions
  • Plus much more!

Steam related add on pack is also now available at www.KLtrainz.com, check it out!

EDIT: As of September 6th, the sessions have been updated, if you are having problems, please redownload :)
Also not, as of this point in time, there is no support for TS19

Click below for additional information and screenshots :) If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them below! I'm really happy with how this route has turned out and think you will all enjoy it.

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:wave: OH you guys really now how to put a show on, this Route looks fantastic........Can hardly wait till it comes in........

Thank You JR developers.........Well done.
Guess I don't really need that money...

Looks great! I can't wait to run on it. I love Coal Country, and I think I'm gonna like this one even more.

Amazing ! Will the GM1 come with a custom cab ?

Unfortunately not, the GM1 is not JointedRail Content and will be released elsewhere as freeware as well as being packed into this route, it was a project by Australian Trainz Division and Steve asked if I'd like to skin it for the route so I took him up on it. :)
Looks great!

If I ever get done with reworking old assets, finalizing new assests and upload the entire mass I might even have a minute to work the route!
Dave --

I agree. JointedRail should have used SpeedTrees. Billboard tress are just so TRS2004.

Despite this it looks so impressive that I've ordered it.

Fair comments you raise, and I'd be interested to see what the route looks like after you swap them out. It's similar to Coal Country in that it uses Speedtrees up close for detail and billboards for distant fill. I did try to use entirely STs at first but they don't have the density or colour I was looking for.

You can see the mix here
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I think the main reason why they're not so many speedtrees is because it will lag the route too much
MF01 --

Disagree, assuming, of course, that you use a limited variety of SpeedTrees.

One advantage of SpeedTrees is that they will vary in height -- plant the same type of SpeedTree in close proximity to each other and you will find that their height will vary. Some will be short, others tall, some medium. This gives a much more pleasing effect than identical bill board trees.

As for the fame rate hit. I've never noticed it when substituting SpeedTress for billboards.

scratchy --

That's one outstanding screen shot. Superb.