JR Engine Specs ISSUES


Justin, How do u calculate an Engine Spec with table a table sheet?. I have tried using "Trainz Enginespec Editor" not having much success with it.

To JR Team, im having issues with some of your Engine Specs the ones in question are:
<kuid:506034:470156> EMD GP18 enginespec
<kuid2:506034:837844:1> EMD GP9 enginespec without dynamic brake
<kuid2:506034:7980:1> EMD GP7 enginespec without dynamic brake
<kuid:506034:136508> EMD GP5/FT enginespec without dynamic brake
<kuid2:506034:837879:1> EMD GP9/F9 enginespec
<kuid2:506034:7879:1> EMD GP7/GP7B enginespec
<kuid:506034:310501> EMD SD7 enginespec without dynamic brake
<kuid:506034:317821> EMD SD7 enginespec with dynamic brake
<kuid2:506034:837845:2> EMD GP9R/F7A/B Enginespec
<kuid:506034:804973> EMD SD9 enginespec with dynamic brake
<kuid2:506034:800973:1> EMD SD9 enginespec without dynamic brake

The issue im with the above Engine Specs is from throttle notch 5 setting onwords im getting Wheel Slip in starting to move this occurs if for example EMD GP9 Locomotive has rolling Stock attached (10 emty JR Boxcars) to it and it also occurs if EMD GP9 Locomotive does not have any rolling Stock attached.
JR or Justin can u rework or re calculate the above Engine Specs?. - Im not having this issue with JR Locomotives the use justins Engine Specs.
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Those specs was calculated by me and based on real engine specs.
I don't have any issues with those locomotives and specs. Can you clarify your issue? What kuids of those specs are installed, what track grade you trying to pulling the cars on and what train cars you used exactly (kuid's)?
Did you use simple driver mode?
Alex, im getting Wheel Slip in starting on flat grade. GP5, GP7, GP9, GP18, SD7 & SD9 Locomotives there are to many kuid asset names, but happening with all these locomotives.
10 x <kuid2:37581:40009:1> SP 2 Bay Hopper ACF 2971
im using Cab Mode
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I'm tried BN GP5 with 10 JR box cars (any of those ese the same engine spec). I have no issues. Cab mode and simple driver mode works good.
0% track grade, 10 empty box cars, i can begin moving on 6-7 throtle from 0 mph without wheelsliping.
111951 build
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Are all the session rules set to default values? Modifying the Vehicle Physics rule can cause problems if changed too much.
I don't see any issues here. Check you route and sessions settings. Be sure that you didn't add any specific rules that impact on train physics.
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Alex, GP9 getting Wheel Slip at N6 onworlds at 0mph, 0 track grade.
Sounds about right to be honest. I wouldn't expect an older DC four axle unit to take full power from a standstill.

p.s. sorry for thead necroing. The new forum suggests similar threads even if they've been dead for years and I didn't check the date. 🤦🏻‍♂️