Jointed Rail/RR Mods Well Car Problems


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Hey all, this is my first thread so hopefully this works out. Anyways, I have downloaded the well cars from Jointed Rail as well as the NSC well cars from RR Mods. A problem I have is that (1) the top container floats above the bottom one and (2) the top container cuts into the bottom one. This wasn't a problem when I only had JR's TTX weathered Husky Stack Well Car, but when I downloaded the other ones and the RR Mods ones the containers got weird. If someone could help me figure this out that would be awesome. I have already talked with a JR help guy and he told me to delete the well cars and products. I did that and re-downloaded all of it and still have a problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks- Justus.
Are you mixing the containers? That is, are you using JR containers on RRMods crs, and RRMods containers on JR cars, or one of each on either car? Does it happen on JR cars carrying only JR containers, and on RRMods cars carrying only RRMods containers?

To me, based upon what your description, this sounds like an attachment point problem. The attachment points for the second container on cars from the two vendors may not be the same. Not ideal, but a temporary workaround is to load you wells with only one container. I have only seen a whole train like this on rare occasions, so it has happened at least a couple of times. I suspect it was a car balancing situation, where there were too many cars at point b, and a need for cars for loading a point o, so they sent the extras as train of single containers (and a significant number of trailers) loaded one high in each well.

iirc rrmods cars can carry the JR/socalwb containers as well. it may also be that the container assets are out of date. On JR all of the container items should be up to date try getting those sets as they obsolete old ones that may cause the floating or intersecting problem.
So I should delete all of the container products again and redownload them? Also I haven't ever configured the txt, so the containers are just what ever instant load gives me.
right but there is a difference in the containers themselves if you have the old ones they may not line up with the new configs.
Alright I will delete them and download the ones on the website, or is there some kind of update I should download?