Jointed Rail Locos


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So I reskinned a GP40 today and was very happy when I placed it on my route, until I put a jointed rail loco next to it, lol. They really do excellent work. I'm curious if anyone knows how I can repaint a JR loco completely without losing the detail or if they had ever made a reskin kit/undecorated GP40, GP38, or SW1500. I ask because I would like to retain not only all the details, but also the programmed side (running fans, random numbers, etc). Hopefully jointed rail can chime in here.
Anybody? Does anyone know where I can find a better quality undec GP40 than is on the download station? Even if it's payware I'd be interested.
There's some vid's on youtube showing how to reskin, that's how I learnt to do mine, there not perfect but I'm happy and I also learnt how to place them in the skins folder so that they change using the gecko script.

You will need Gimp to do the painting with and use layers it makes it so much easier.


Picture has C40-7 SantaFe from JR , no skinned for KiwiRail.