Island Railways Route


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This route I have been working on since TS2006 days and is a fictitious island route connected to a mainland by road and rail. It has been updated to TS12.

(Edit: The route, html asset and session are now on the DLS. Kuids <kuid:186372:100024>, <kuid:186372:100100> and <kuid:186372:100096>. Or look for assets with my id - there's not that many!


The island is dominated by a mountain that includes a resort serviced by a mostly circular tram loop. The resort is only accessible by a zigzag railway connecting to the largest station (Island Home) on the island. The island has a circular rail route serviced by local commuter trains. The island also has an airport with a rail service providing transport to the Island Home station.

I built this while learning about Surveyor and Trainz in general. While the Island is supposedly located in Australia, it uses assets from other regions and whatever took my fancy at the time.

My test scenario has five regular trains running, including:
  • A clockwise round the island commuter train;
  • An anticlockwise round the island commuter train;
  • An airport service;
  • A single train running up to the mountain resort and return, and;
  • A single tram running around the resort tramway. This has a slight deviation every second loop to pick and drop off workers at the brewery.
At regular intervals a mainline train emerges from a portal on the mainland and terminates at Island Home. After a short period it returns to the portal.

There are a couple of light industrial and shipping port areas that could use further development.

Here are a couple of shots of the route.


A view of Island Home (terminus for mainline link, airport link and stop for commuter trains.


A view of the tramway at the Snowy Hills resort area with a lake and snow capped hills in the distance.