Is there a car made for this load?


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Hi, I have recently found a load called 'Signal Gantry'

I can't find any flatcar it will load onto, it's always offset. I was wondering if anyone had a flatcar this would load onto? I'm trying to make a MoW train and this would be cool to add into it.

bendorsey has Hicapyflat kit
Keyword Hicapyflat
You could make just about any length
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Hiccuppy Flat? Don't think I need one of those... I've got plenty of hiccuppy content already.

OHHhhhh. High capacity.
Actually my hi-hiccup flats are made for super heavy loads - not super long loads, lol. That's why they have so darn many wheels.

On a more serious note a long enough load would be on two flatcars with at least one possibly two idler flatcars in between. I've tried several times to make something like that but with less then wonderful results. Might give it a try again some day. I keep telling myself it should be possible but haven't figured out the "trick" as yet (and if someone has - as they say downunder "good on yer").

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The car in NS37's screenshot is "TTX 89' Flat1" by the author CNR. <kuid:95761:15150>