Is the 'Australian Screenshots' thread broken ?


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I am no longer able to view any posts after the 19th June on the 'Australian Screenshots' thread. This despite previously being able to see and place posts after this date. Does any one else have this problem?

Ah. the post by tdstead shows as June 18th at 10:29PM for me on Mountain Daylight time. If you are eastern time, it would be after midnight on June 19th. Central Time though, I would think would be 11:39 on the 18th. But, who knows. :eek:
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18th for me, last post there. The USA Pics thread had the same issue for a bit, hope it clears up.
I am no longer able to view any posts after the 19th June on the 'Australian Screenshots' thread.

Cheers Joe.
Yep... can confirm, same here.

Thought it was just me!!

It actually lists when members are posting to it when listing the threads... but I can't see beyond tdstead's post on page 2,468 in the actual thread.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one!

It doesn't surprise me though, as my experience with VBulletin (the forum software the Trainz forum runs on) is that once a thread gets to a very large number of posts, it... starts to cause things to break behind the scenes, as well as other odd behaviour (I was a moderator on a now defunct forum that used VBulletin also and we had a few threads that went for thousands of pages, and eventually those threads would crash the forum server whenever someone tried viewing them - the threads in question literally had to be deleted to get it running again).

So alas I think maybe it's time that thread be 'withdrawn from service' and sent to the scrapper's torch, and perhaps instead have a new Aussie screenshots thread to 'roll off the production line' to replace it. It's just a suggestion. :)
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Hi All
Unfortunately the thread appears to have struck a bug in the forums, which caused the last page to not load. With a few additional posts it appears to be loading correctly, so hopefully this only occurs with this one page. What I did find worked well was to increase the number of posts shown per page (I set it to 40 here, should also speed up reading some of the longer threads!).

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot we can do to fix bugs in the forum software, and updating forum software has never been a straight forward process unfortunately. Even more so if you want to avoid losing old posts!

Thanks for the explanation Zec, I will update the new "Australian Screenshots (continued)' thread I started. Although maybe it would have been better to let the new 'continued' thread run. It had a link to the old thread for continuity, and (I hope you wont mind me saying) your solution would seem to only delay the inevitable.

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