Is it Real or is it Trainz

Top is Trainz

Bottom is real

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* I won't tell folks how I knew, let them figure it out for themselves *
That was to easy....You have to post pix like grogstop does where you actually have to think a lil....Hopefully he posts in here and will show ya what to post :)
With this guys work on all his routes he does....I figure I would post this shot...So to show his GREAT work on capturing what is REAL and what is SIM this shot and all his work he does says it all....

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WCL yours is great! thats how its done Compdoc ? 2 different pics? I dont get it??????? no offense dude but if you say what is real n what is trainz shouldnt it be the same thing? next question?
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The bottom picture in Compudoc's post is platform 10 of Roma Street station in Brisbane. That platform is used by long distance trains.

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personally i think its easy most of the time to tell computer graphics from the real thing

but that dosent mean they dont look pretty damn real
Sorry, I did not have time yet to make a consist in trainz to show the screenshot :D


heres my contorbution-(recycled from the conrail thread)

Heres a CP train-
A local based out of west Denisan is passing through the butsling town of delmar. the line that the CP train is on is on the old West Denisan and Pitomack RR. NYC has trackage rights. the year is 1962-

In this shot we see an old NYC train crawing through town. the train is just about to arraive the yard at Delmar. To get to the main yard at Delmar, trains that are traveling on the WD&P RR have to switch onto the 'high-line' then cross over.
just out of sight, of the photo's there is local yard- which houses an Iceplant and some small grocerys.

Here is another NYC train. this train was assemabled at the yard in Delmar. after changing crews at Elm Street our NYC train departs for points South.

Happy trainzin'
Mike S.