Is it possible to edit industry outputs on existing sessions??

Pretty much as per the title really. I've got quite a few industries set up, and getting the balances right between industry inputs and outputs can be quite tricky.

For example, if I'm running a lumber mill, and set the logs consumption too high, I cannot manufacture enough lumber to supply the Seaport at the current session settings. This causes the Seaport to cease consuming other products, which in tern means that my trains return to other industries fully laden, and cannot clear output from them

Is it possible to adjust existing industries on the layout in session layer? I can add more capacity by editing the route to include more industries, I can add more consists and edit wagon loads at session level without stopping the session, or I can use the 'instant unload' command to ditch surplus goods. It would be good to be able to be able vary product manufacturing speeds to do it with more realism.
Some time ago I wrote a couple of driver commands:


From the command, you choose an industry and can fully load or totally deplete a product from an industry. They use an obsolete call in class World, and need to be updated for async. They seem to work in TANE SP3, however. I never finished and updated, and some of the config file has not been updated. I never uploaded them for that reason. You are welcome to try them if you wish. Send me your email address and I will send them to you .


I wrote companion commands for train cars:


that are uploaded and seem to work in TANE. They may not work in TRS19 because of the obsolete call, not sure.
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If I've read it correctly this is a job for the Schedule set of rules, getting the balance right as regards deliveries is one of those challenges/frustrations of Trainz that I enjoy.
There are example routes plus sessions on the DLS if you need a guide.