Invisible Roads Work?


Hi All,

I'm running Trainz + and I am trying to use invisible roads but they don't seem to be working.

I've tried FG InvRd's, IC-Invisible Road's and a few more.

I can place them on the road but no traffic is showing.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Simtrain aka Steve
Hi Steve.... You will probably need to add a traffic spawner (there are two or three on the DLS) to the end of the invisible track to get vehicles to move.

Doug, tried that didn't work ☹️

I saw it report3d elsewhere that it isn't working, so it'll have wait until,it's fixed
I did have a look at a couple of the IC-Invisible roads and they didn't work although another YARN road in the same route did, so Carz was working. The two IC-Invisibles were also visible in Driver mode. :unsure:
Couldn't see any reason for the roads not to work.