Interlocking Towers allocating paths when uncoupling


Having upgraded my PC I am now trying to integrate Interlocking Towers into my Isle of Wight (UK) route. I'm having a problem at a terminus station (Ryde Pier Head, for those who know the island) where a train arrives correctly. Then, when the locomotive detaches to run around, a route is set by IT back out of the station again. This then blocks other routes from being set and the whole thing grinds to a halt.

When I go to the control panel it says that this route is allocated to the coach's consist (not the locomotive/driver). I have adjusted the paths so that they are all manually controlled, so I don't see how this path is being set without giving the command with a driver.

Has anyone encountered this or can suggest solutions? If this doesn't make sense please let me know and I'll try again to explain it!

Thanks, Tim.
It all depends on how you have set the paths up and what TCB or exclusive sets you have used.
Don't set the path up into the station as one. The path should stop at the signal before the junction on the station approach. Set the TCB to the exit signal. Set another path from that signal with no TCB to the departing signal. To stop other trains entering the single track from the bus station use TCB covering all the track from the start of the single track to the platform end.