Interesting Prototype Paraphenalia

I was wondering what, if any, prototype objects might be floating around the Trainz community in private collections.

I have a brass switch key stamped "SL&SF" for the St. Louis & San Francisco or "Frisco" railroad.

I also have an ever-increasing collection of datenails from the Bangor & Aroostook or "BAR" railroad in Maine (USA.) The line belongs to PanAm Railways now, but much of the rails are original from road-names long ago. I have nails dating as far back as 1913.

What do YOU have?

Me? Mostly assorted trackside signs designating maximum speed or where to whistle, stuff like that, or old metal route and destination signs that would have been hung from the train wagons.


several old ties,
several spikes,
a 1-foot section of 90(?)-pound rail,
a berth key stamped for Southern Pacific 110,
a pair of matching "watch your step" signs,
three train order forms,
my all-access badge from the Dennison Rail trip in 2004,
a conductor's hat,
my all-access badges and bells from Days Out with Thomas and Polar Expresses that I have car-hosted (one each per year),
an Amtrak coach key,
Amtrak material handling car #1400, (and most of 1403),
and Santa Fe Fairmont MT19-A #0299 (nee-Milwaukee road 8087).

My dad has:
most of this stuff,
Southern Pacific office car 110 "Los Angeles",
Seaboard Coast line tavern-lounge observation car 6402,
Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac 60-seat coach 804,
Pennsylvania 76-seat coach (formerly 60 seats with a 16-seat lounge) 7611 "Hawk Run",
and majority ownership of Pennsylvania dining car (ex-parlor car) "William Penn" (formerly the "Anthony Wayne").

Plus parts for all those.
i used to have a speed sign from the chicago EL and somtin else (a sign) from the EL as well.

NYC lantern
L&N lantern
misc L&N timetables
L&N Switch key and lock
various date nails
air horn from a diesel loco
NC&StL metal barrel
50 ft tape measure with L&N embossed in the leather casing
various signs
various L&N / Seaboard / CSX promotional items obtained from my uncle (he worked in the roundhouse at Radnor Yard in Nashville for close to 40 years)
These are just off the top of my head. I'd have to dig it all out to get a complete list. Maybe I should do that someday.
I don't have any railway memrobilla, except about 4 hig vis garments (one boiler suit with high vis stripes, useful when working lineside - brand new, one pair of bad weather trousers - brand new, one Thales orange jacket - part worn, one generic orange jacket - ripped, faded and dirty!) and one of these little beauties, anyone guess what it is? (Highlighted in red)

(My hand is to give you an indication of the size)

To give you a hint, I been trying to get lessons in train driving, yes everyone, the real thing - 12in to a foot scale at only at 25mph! Now I need a spanner if I am going to be restricted to the Class 08/Class 11!
Well, actually, BAR is part of the Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic Railway (cf: )


That's entirely possible. Springfield Terminal is only a few miles from my home, and the sign out front says "Montreal, Maine & Atlantic." All the motive power is "Guliford" grey with a big "G", and the few employees I know say the paychecks say "PanAm".

Also, the area is littered with old BAR rolling stock that people use as storage sheds. There is even a BAR reefer converted into a lawyer's office just 1/2 mile from me!

...Typical for both the railroad industry AND Maine!

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Looks like a driver's key of some sort. :)


And weighs a ton.

Yes, its a drivers key, its actually called an "EP Key". The other 3 keys you (may) need to drive a train, is the BR01 key (to enter the loco), BR Carriage key/tool (to get into the carriage of a train) and the Shunters key (to drive shunters, e.g. Class 08s) and they look like spanners!
Strangely, I don't actually have that much in the way of railywayanna, just an old dog spike and a couple of old official WAGR/Westrail employee timetable books from the 70s and 80s.

I also have a ton of old/used tickets too from Sydney and Perth too going back over 15 years, but I guess they don't count. ;)
Lets see.....

Some spikes,
A coupler(standard gauge american)

And an interesting peice of machinery

Here is a pic