in-very-development route/rollingstock screenies!!! 1024x768


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In-very-development route/rollingstock screenies!!! 1024x768

It would help if you would like to post a description of it too.


"This is a picture of my in-progress fictional reskin of the NSE Class 315, and of my in-development Wellington Tranz Metro route.. On the left is 2 DA class locos running the Wairarapa express (diesel only), and on the right is the EMU, running the Hutt Valley local service."
Last edited: as of yet unnammed Rocky Mountain Narrow Gauge route.....and rather then small interactive's going to be a BIG interactive route

Several towns, around 100+ miles of track, mines, logging camps, the basics really




Does this thread comply with just anything in general being made? Because if it is, i'm making a couple of signals for the Ffestiniog. I don't quite know how to make lights go red and all that but heres a screenshot of this anyway. I've also made quite alot of cast speedboards for the Ffestiniog.

Cheers, Daniel:)
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Good idea for a thread this. Here's a shot from an old and unfinished route that I have just opened up again. No texturising has been done yet.


It's set somewhere in East Hertfordshire, and it's some sort of link line for two fictional main lines. That's the idea anyway. Enjoy.

Andrew :)
Thought I'd keep this thread going. It's the same place as the previous shot, but from a different angle.


Andrew :)
Yeah, you got it.
Track is laid from Penrith to Lithgow, about half of it graded so far.
It also includes the Zig Zag, not to far off finished, aside from custom content.

My plans are to get the gradients, stations and yards finished, get some custom content finished for it and release it as a beta. I wont get around to finishing the whole route, so hopefully someone can pick it up and do it justice!
Fantastic routes developing everyone!

I started this layout as a break from the much larger layout I have in progress. I have no idea where it's going, but it's taken on a Scottish theme. I got this far...

15-NOV-2006-010.jpg stalled for a short while and then Magandy (Andy) sent me a beta of his '4 track crossing' (now on the DLS - 68236:24075). It led me to move on a baseboard and find a special use for it on this layout and as you can see, I'm sure the crossing will become a favourite with many.



The fine looking Brewery buildings are also on the DLS.

The people standing at the crossing are courtesy of AJS. They are, I believe, and I apologise if I'm wrong; a tram stop group of passengers by andi06.



Mmmm! You turn your back for five minutes and this is what happens. :rolleyes:

Dave :)
Good stuff FSP. Are you planning to take it further?

Andrew :)

P.S. Can I have the name of those retaining walls if you don't mind? They're great!
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Why color line what that????


I was just look for screenshots in any post and thread so I was look this so very concerned so what that is color lines on around why?:confused:
A route in progress. The coloured lines mark out the road, rivers and rail. It's a map of a route dropped onto a baseboard with the correct contours of the land in place.
A route in progress. The coloured lines mark out the road, rivers and rail. It's a map of a route dropped onto a baseboard with the correct contours of the land in place.

It interesting, I was see the color line on around on routes make me very concerned I don't understand what mean so now you told talk about that so now I know it now so thank you, Escafeld:clap:;)