Important Trainz links for newbies


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Below I have listed important Information for new comers on Auran, N3V and Trainz:

1. Auran.Com, Company Info:

2. N3V Games Pty Ltd

3. Auran - N3V Games – Simulators

4. Auran - N3V Trainz Online Store

5. Auran - N3V Games – My Trainz Profile login

6. Auran - N3V Trainz Support Helpdesk

7. Auran - N3V Trainz Download Station (New Link)

8. Auran - N3V Trainz Download Station - Kind Table

9. Auran - N3V Trainz Discussion Forums - Powered by vBulletin

10. Auran - N3V Trainz Fan Sites

11. Auran - N3V Trainz V1.0 to V1.3
Auran - N3V Trainz Paint Shed

12. Auran - N3V Trainz Ultimate Collection - UTC

13. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator 2004

14. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator 2006

15. Auran - N3V Trainz Classics 1,2 & 3
Link does not exist anymore

16. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder Edition

17. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition

18. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator 12

19. Auran - N3V Trainz Mobile on iPad & on Android

20. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator Mac

21. Auran - N3V Trainz Portal

22. Auran - N3V Trainz Online

23. Auran - N3V TrainzDev Wiki

24. Auran - N3V Trainz Online Wiki

25. Auran - N3V Trainz Life-Cycle Policy

26. Auran - N3V Trainz Release Versions

27. Auran - N3V Trainz Simulator on Facebook

28. Auran - N3V Trainz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

29. N3V Games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Note link no 15. Auran - N3V Trainz Classics 1,2 & 3 Editions does not exist anymore

anything I missed just add on


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Dated but a lot of great tips in using surveyor. Quite a bit of good stuff in the reading room and downloadable magazines to get someone new up and running. A lot has changed but the basics are the same. Don't forget about 0catch and his site. Still useful stuff there, just don't have the link handy.

Thank you Ahsan, this should become a sticky, as there are a lot of various websites in this link, which may become very useful to many in the future...

Joe Airtime
Strange, it haven't done so before. I just input and it gets me where needed. I assume it is just temporary though.

More links:

33. Auran - N3V Trainz Paint Shed for Trainz V1.3

34. Auran - N3V DUCHESS Add On for Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition

35. Auran - N3V THE BLUE COMET Add On for Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition

36. Auran & N3V My First TRAINZ Set for PC & Android

37. Auran & N3V Turbo Trainz for Wii


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Thanks for the links. I'm relatively new to train sims so need all the help I can get. I agree with Airtime on this one. Lots of links that will be useful to veterans and noobs (like me) alike.
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