Important Event in UP History: 20 years since CNW will be on April 25


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Hi. On April 24/25, it will have been 20 years since the CNW merged into UP. According to a page with the history of the CNW, it officially merged into UP on April 25, 1995. It is amazing that two Dash-9s (of all things) have survived without being patched by UP for nearly 20 years.
I've seen 8646 twice, but never have gotten a picture of it! One of those times, there was an unpatched SP AC44 leading! There are a few patched CNW Dash Nines in Central Texas now. 9798, 9696, and 9771 I believe. AC4400CWs 6706, 6729, 6726, 6730, 6731, 6737, 6703, 6708, 6710, 6712, 6713, 6714, 6715, 6716, 6718, 6720, 6721, 6736, 6723, 6722 all remain in CNW paint, patched. Please feel free to correct me, if I'm missing any, or have one that has been repainted. 6707 was still in CNW OLS colors until recently, when it was wrecked, and repainted.

Here are a few shots of 9771, a few years back.
Showing off its CNW number, 8667.

And stills from video of UP 6729...

Going away shot.

I've seen some others recently, which I'll post later.
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I still come across a lot of CNW covered hoppers and box cars up my way. At least the railroad still lives on in some fashion. Sadly though the Cowboy Trail is gone. I traveled along the line a couple of years ago up in Nebraska. The telegraph poles are still in place and the bridges are intact, but the track is long gone. The ROW has been preserved (banked) for future use. Right now it's a trail, but there are hopes it will be returned to rails again.