ide to sata


TC1/TC2/TRS 09,06,04/UTC

i have an ide dvd burner a sata dvd burner and 2 ide hdd's and my motherboard only has 1 ide port

i went and brought an ide to sata converter it says suitable as host on the box

there is a push button on the card but when i put it in wire it up and boot the bios wont detect it i have tried all different settings with the jumpers and sata ports but nothing but in my computer i have 6 extra dvd drives but none of them are right either

i know there is another cnverter which has suitable for device on it would this work then

i dont know what to do

my mother board is an asus p5kpl-vm
the dvd burner is a lg

should i get the one which says device?

i am out of ideas and patience:udrool::udrool::udrool:

please help

Is the IDE adapater a card or an adapter? You might have got an IDE controller that plugs into PCI slot.. in this case you will need drivers for it, it will not show the drives in BIOS but on a separate screen. Also to load windows you will need to supply the Windows setup with correct drivers for it.
As for adapters I do not know - it would help if you could show me exactly what kind of an adapter did you get.