I need help calculating US liquid gallons


Narrow gauge or nothing
Hi all,
This one is gonna be pretty easy for most of you but I never did understand it waaaay back in school. Word problems always confused me.:confused:

Here goes;
I have a rectangular water tank that is 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall. It needs to hold 825 gallons of water soooo,
how long does the tank need to be???:eek:

Thanks, guys...

9.2 feet will be real close. Each cubic foot of tank will hold 7.48 gal of water. 9.2 feet = 110 inches.

Formula is:
width*height*length*7.48052=825 which works out to 9.19 feet.:):):):)
OMG! I can't understand that!:eek: I said I stunk back in school with this stuff.:sleep: Sheesh, thanks, though. :hehe:

Can someone else help, please?:eek:

I needed that formula, too.;) OK, thanks, WYO.:)

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