I don't mean these to be silly questions.


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I just got Trainz2006 and I have been playing the stuff that comes base with it.

First question what now? I am only interested in driving the trains. But there doesn't seem to be an AI dispatcher who assigns trains to duties based on waybills or arranging trucks, set switches etc. It seems that I have to create a session in surveyor and if I want other trains to be doing stuff I have to issue orders to them manually right?

So if I need sessions as a way of doing things what do you guys do? I saw razorback but its subscription and recommends Trainz2004 over 2006.

I saw a couple of pay routes which have a few sessions but not alot. So how do I get to do interesting things in the sim when driving for a reason is my main focus for getting the sim.

I must be having a stupid moment but I am totally not getting Iportal. What the hell is it. Its not multiplayer [which I think would be great for trainz if it had a player dispatcher control panel to issue orders to player controled trainz, control switches etc.] but it sends trains. HUH? What actually happens? Does it only work for some routes? Do you have to do anything different with switches etc? Is this an attempt to have other trains doing things?

Thanks for your time guys.
Hi, the Razorback Railway currently offers three free downloadable activities for TRS2006 and we plan to create more. You do need to register with us (free) and download some essential files from us (also free). You're warmly invited to come on over and head for our Getting Started page.

Both versions. Although you can tell it to skip it installing into 04 and install it into 06.


Just to amplify what Dave said: So far six subscriber-only TRS2004/TRS2006 activities have been released, one of which is a Steam Gala which combines several activities into one. A number of new activities are being beta tested at the moment and more are planned for the new year. You can try the freebies and see if they suit your tastes before committing to subscribing.