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I want to share some ideas with my fellow Trainzers who MIGHT be interested and have not iggy'ed me.
If you have nothing nice to say, please ignore this thread.

Don't ever say I never gave you something...

Here it is:

Here is some inspiration. This is the engine yard I made for Mojave Sub off of the existing wye section of track. Note the realistic attention to detail. Cars for RR employees to get to work. Places in the yard for them to park. You don't expect American union RR employees to take the bus or ride bicycles to work, do you? Barriers to keep them from parking too close to the tracks. Fuel points. Fuel tank. Animated German shepherds to guard the yard from wild animals and human trash to keep RR workers safe. The foreman's office. Floodlights in the yard. The turntable roundhouse to put V/Line F7's in coz sd40/45's are too tall to fit inside them, the clever double-length long sheds I made to put UP Big Boys in. There is a yard office. A "reserved" tall sign near the office coz this parking space is for the yard boss only. The chain link fence around the perimeter keeps out mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes since this is in the southern California desert.

Note the tool shed, utility trucks, dumpster and wheelbarrow to keep the yard in great shape. There is even a telephone booth for workers to call their wives on breaks. "Honey, I am going to be home late tonight because an Amtrak derailed on the line at 5 this evening and held up an M freight so the dispatched engines will be late getting back to the home yard so I can inspect them, refuel them and put them to beddie-bye for the night in the roundhouse."

Note the comical smoke coming up through the roofs of these tin sheds. Of course, gravel as yard ground cover and japanese maple trees to make the yard look more elegant in case the trainmen's wives visit for open house.

People figures: workers in hats with tools, workers in orange jumpsuits. Foremen and yard bosses in cowboy hats coz this railroad is in the American wild-wild west.

Trainz is limited only by your imagination. It is not just a game, it is a mouse-and-keyboard adventure.
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If that is the location we were talking about a month or 2 ago I am supposing that the location is Fram, California, which was last listed on maps in 1915.


Unless it is Mojave "Y" ... There were probably never 35 people working in Fram, no barbed wire, no german shepards, a bobcat sighting every 10 years or so, few coyotes (unless there were garbage cans brimming of food scraps galore), no open house, no floodlights, maybe not even a turntable and roundhouse ... the town of Fram 4 miles NW of Mojave (a few miles East of Warren Ca), dried up, and blew away, in the dust bowl very early in the 1900's

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This is what I would do if it were MY railroad. Yes, this is the Mojave Wye indeed. There is the element of FANTASY trains here. A lot of what-if's. I am sure every RR in America has provisions for RR employees to park their automobiles at work, their respective home yards, and home places to store locomotives somewhere, if not in Mojave but somewhere else.;)

I chose Mojave Sub to develop because it was MOSTLY already built by the author out of the box and I like western American railroading to boot as I am a western boy myself. Rugged mountains, canyons, rivers and deserts. The big wide-open Mother Nature country. I envision mountain lions, bears, bobcats, wild sheep, deer, jack rabbits and coyotes in the Southwest mountains and deserts. I would definitely have working guard dogs in my RR yards for security as well as sturdy fencing. Fugitives, some possibly armed and dangerous, might jump on my trains.

UP, ATSF, BN and SP are all familiar to me.
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