How to measure track distance in Surveyor


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When laying track in Surveyor, is there a way to measure distance (such as miles)? I'd like to place mile posts on my mainlines in my layout, and I've always have wondered how it's done. I'm using TS2010....

A method I use that works well and even handles curves.

  1. Find (or construct) a straight length of track of length at least 1 mile (or 1 kilometre if that is your preference).
  2. Use the built in ruler to mark a length of exactly the distance required.
  3. Select a suitable item of rolling stock and construct a consist along the track that fits exactly between the two end-points of the ruler - you may have to use shorter or longer railcars at the end to match the distance exactly.
  4. Save the consist.

You can than add that consist to existing track moving it forward or backwards to match the required starting point. Place your mile (or kilometre) markers on the track points at the ends of the consist. Repeat as required.
Try this

Most of us use a consist made up to exactly one mile long. It's laid out on a piece of straight track stretched out to the required length and appropriately named, "One mile train".

Then it's simple to shift the consist in Surveyor up any shape of trackwork as you lay your marker posts.

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Pware & mezzoprezzo, thank for the replies. Great idea, I'll give that a try. Why I never thought about that, I'll never know.

Hi Isigrandson,

I made Measuring Wagons in Imperial ( 100 will make a Mile) and Metric (40 will make a Kilometre) configurations

They are called MeasuringWagonImperial and MeasuringWagonMetric their kuid's run from kuid2:97008:60813:2 up to kuid2:97008:60821:2

Hope this helps


What is wrong with a "Track scanner"? KUID2:117746:23230:1 I always use it and I think is easy and accurate.
What is wrong with a "Track scanner"? KUID2:117746:23230:1 I always use it and I think is easy and accurate.
I've never managed to get it to work in spite of many attempts. Perhaps it doesn't in TRS2004.

Out of interest, on systems where it does work, can you measure accurate distances from and to any point in the track, or does it need spline points to start and end the measurement? If it's the latter, then logically I can't see how it will lay out a mile for you; it will only measure the distance between two known positions won't it?
I don't know if it works before 09, That is when I started using it, and no, it does not need to be at a spline point. I use it accurately to measure distance between two points anywhere. Each trackmark has to be pointing one to the other, and never add another in the middle of the two that you are using.
I don't think it's just between spline points, but I have found it tricky to work. It definitely has issues with mocrossings, and I've had issues with it reading across structures as well, such as solid (non-spline type) bridges. Sometimes it seems like the target scanner direction matters, other times not, as well. Also need to make sure switches are aligned properly.

I primarily use scanners now when I need to figure out gradients over a long distance. When it works, it's effective for this, but using it to measure mileposts would reguire measuring, moving a scanner, measuring again, moving it, measuring, moving, measuring, etc... until you find the exact point of a mile.