How to find missing dependencies


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I check my routes fairly regularly, and recently one has come up as "missing dependencies". Now, if I remember correctly, under the old system - possibly going back to TANE - upon finding a route or session in the "faulty" list, if I then opened up "show dependencies recursively", I would see the faulty ones marked in red. Even if my memory is faulty, I need help on how to find whatever it is I am using that has missing dependencies. Any help would be appreciated.

Note: under "faults & warnings', nothing comes up at all. I am guessing I have downloaded something that uses something else with a lower than 3400 quid number, but how to track it down?

version 121370
Do a "List Dependencies" on the route, then in that new window, make these arguments.

I thought this might be the answer, but I tried it. I got a train I'd never heard of and a fair number of ground textures, but the game would not allow me to delete them.