How to convert ditch lights to Jointed Rail ditch lights?


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I wanted to try and make the Siemens charger lights more accurate, Jointed Rail lights are a bit more accurate. So how do I convert the script to the Charger?
To convert the ditch lights on the Siemens Charger locomotive to Jointed Rail ditch lights, you'll need to modify the script associated with the lights. Here are the general steps to help you get started:

Locate the script file: Find the script file associated with the Siemens Charger locomotive. This file is typically in a text format and contains the instructions for controlling various aspects of the locomotive, including the ditch lights.

Understand the existing script: Open the script file and familiarize yourself with tutuapp the existing code related to the ditch lights. Look for variables or functions that control vidmate the behavior and appearance of the lights. Take note of any parameters, values, or conditions that are currently set.

Obtain the Jointed Rail script: If you already have the script file for the Jointed Rail ditch lights or know where to find it, you can skip this step. Otherwise, search for the specific script file or package that contains the Jointed Rail ditch lights script. You may need to visit Jointed Rail's website or forums to locate it.

Compare the scripts: Open the Jointed Rail ditch lights script file and compare it with the existing script for the Siemens Charger ditch lights. Look for any differences in variables, functions, or commands used to control the lights. Pay attention to any additional features or options offered by the Jointed Rail script.

Modify the script: Copy the relevant code sections from the Jointed Rail script and integrate them into the Siemens Charger script. Replace or modify the appropriate variables, functions, or commands to ensure compatibility with the Siemens Charger model. Be cautious not to overwrite any critical sections that could affect the overall functionality of the locomotive.

Test and refine: Save the modified script file and test it in Trainz to see the results. Check if the ditch lights now behave according to the Jointed Rail standards and if they provide the desired accuracy. If necessary, fine-tune the script by adjusting parameters or values until you achieve the desired outcome.

Remember, modifying scripts can be a complex task, and it's essential to have a basic understanding of scripting in Trainz and follow best practices. Make sure to back up your original script files before making any changes to ensure you can revert if needed. Additionally, it's always a good idea to consult Trainz forums or communities where experienced modders can provide guidance or insights specific to the Siemens Charger locomotive and Jointed Rail ditch lights.
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