How do you hide driver orders in a session


I use Driver Orders in Driver setup (TANE SP4) for all my trains on the Columbia and Western. When I Drive a session, which ever train I am on shows the full set of driver orders across the bottom of the screen. I am trying to create videos of my sessions and would like to hide the driver orders on the screen. I have tried every setting I can find and also a forum search, but no luck.

Does anyone know how to hide the driver orders on the bottom of the screen in an active session?

Hi Dave,

I believe you need to press F5 to hide the screen doodads like driver commands, controls and HUD.
F5 will indeed hide the whole interface, especially good when taking a screenshot so you can see the end result.
Hiding fields in session

Thanks guys. F5 does the trick. Having never paid much attention to function keys I feel I missed the boat on this one. Anyways worked great. i have posted the video link for the Columbia and Western RR video under General