How Do We find Individual Asset KUID Folders in 2012 and TANE?


RR Mod Maker
Hello and I hope for help on this. I need to find how to access individual KUID folders for rolling stock so that i can do edits and adjust textures of Cloned versions and textures for repaints and also to adjust the Config Files on some of Ben Dorseys Passenger cars that have the feature in which you can adjust the size, colour and name of the line on the letter board? i have no clue as how to do this..i was able to find files in 2004 by removing all of the add on assets and installing an individual KUID and then accessing the files that way for repaints. But with hundreds if not Thousands of KUIDS and they do not sort by number evidently for some reason. i am hoping there is some way to find things.

thanks for help on this. Trainz can be a bit overwhelming when faced with basic tasks like this, and I hope to learn the ropes...
Using Content Manager.

TS12's Content Manager has 'Open for Edit in Explorer' and T:ANE's utility has 'Show Asset Folder'.

Hi Kieran

thank you. I was a bit stumped as i looked thru the TANE files and could not find a single KUID file to check or study..and was not sure where they all went. I see some in 2012 but there is no perceivable order to them. I will try both of your suggestions with thanks.