How do we access, with no web access?


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Like many of you here I can no longer access or my account (since 2011) as indicated in this thread:

So I went into my email to try to contact support, but was presented with this automated reply:


Thanks for contacting Jointed Rail Support. Our support system has changed, it's no longer an email based system. In order to process your support request please open a ticket on our website by clicking the link below.
But I cannot do that, of course, nor can others in my position.

This is what I wrote in my email to jointedrail support:
Cannot log in or access your site.....

It has become apparent that something has changed with I am having to do this via my email because I cannot access anymore. At best I get exactly ONE access before being locked out. You website will not load anymore, just a blank page with no response and then a timeout.

I have taken several steps to find out why access is blocked. I can access your site with a proxy server, but I do not trust logging into your website with my credentials.

I asked my service provider to change my IP address, this works exactly ONCE, then I am locked out of again.

Do you have a way of whitelisting and IP address, so that I can access my account? Please note that I have purchases at jointedrail that are many. I do not want to lose access to the items I have purchased over the years, thank you.

I have taken the liberty of looking at the web page source from jointedrail. I notice that you are using:

to speed up access to your Wordpress site. I suspect that this might be causing a conflict. I noticed that initially when jointedrail was moved over to Wordpress access was quite slow as opposed to your previous website. Suddenly things improved, much faster, but then the lock-out/blocking started some weeks back.

While I understand your reasons for using a caching server like "w3-total-cache", I suspect it is the source of trouble. Ditto for any other things that are being used to block access to your site.

So how can I get back onto your white list, instead of being blocked? I do not want to use a proxy server to log in to access my purchases. It is not clear either why the proxy server works and a standalone IP like mine fails after one attempt.

So I kindly ask, what am I to do now? I have no proof that a proxy server is not scooping up my credentials when I log into jointedrail. How do I access my downloads, etc?

Some have suggested using Opera's VPN, but it is not really a VPN, it is more a proxy server. I do not think that I should be required to sign up with a private/paid VPN to access There is no assurance that would work, nor do I trust that my credentials would not be scooped by the VPN, for whatever purposes.

Could somebody at please help?
I have not been on their site for many years so I just had a go at logging in. It logged into the site and I could open my account. I could also open the support page and download pages.

Weblink for support[/url This was with Microsoft edge.
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We've been active in the other thread about our site having issues for random users. If you need to contact us you can always just email us at support@ the domain name too, we will still get that even though it may say " use the support center".

Were working with our host on this but its been slow going and back and forth, not exactly a simple fix whatever this little gremlin is that is causing this. We'll definitely post up here when we think its taken care of, but we know its not yet.