How do I (US) Signal a Passing siding with a Wye on it?


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Tucsoncoyote here and I got a bit of a problem here. Let me try to explain it and show it with Pictures . So here is the picture:

What I am trying to do is signal a Main Line and siding/passing loop that has a wye on it. (Really what this is, is that you have a 2 mile long siding in reality but this particular siding/Passing loop/crossover is 1 mile from each end of the Siding/Passing loop. (The reason being is that just in case a train is forced onto the main line (all trains going "Uphill" (which is coming towards you in the photo),will take the siding so it can get "Helper Service" from the helper siding/Passing loop / Wyte on the right of the picture.​

Now i understand the basics of Signalling and have already placed signals at each of the end points of the passing loop/Sifising but I am wonndering what types of USA searchlight signals (and dwarf signals) I would need to signal this particular situation.​

So if anyone wants to ask questions, feel free to, because this is really a question of breaking Passing loops/Siding into two smaller passing loops/sidings..​

so any suggestions?​


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