How do I update my signature?

Interestingly, spammers that are creating new accounts are able to have a custom icon. In fact, if you go to the members page linked above that makes the spammer accounts very easy to spot in the listing of new members.
Maybe that was the goal all along; easier identifying spammers ;)
In my eyes it's a good idea, to let have the self signed members at first only guest rights or only on special subforum rights.
And only the members of MyTrainz have the full member rights.

So is it possible and intentional to disallow self signing and only allow MyTrainz members?

P.S. But this leads away from the threads goal.
Seems to make sence to let the user don't change the picture for the first times. Looking at todays new member is a proof to that: four of five are spammers.
So have a addinional list of all new for let me say 4 weeks members to got a view of them and to help identifying spammers and illegal advertisings.
And after four weeks let the only active members do more with their profile.
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