How big is your Trainz folder?


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Hi All,
Just a query into what size the average folder their Trainz is (running programme folder (N3V Games), not personal storage folders). Reason being, my layout (in TS12) is getting a bit jerky when I run it, and all I can put it down to is disk access speed, so Im considering installing a SSD dedicated to running my Trainz. My current Trainz folder is 58.9Gb. Im thinking that if I get one around 240Gb (maybe Intel 530 Series 2.5" 240Gb SSD), that should cover it.

Am I about right, or should I be looking a little bigger - most likely want to put T:ANE on it also.

While my system is aging, its still not bad, basics are..

Intel i7 3770K OC 4.1GHz, 16Gb DDR3 2400, Gigabyte GTX 670 OC graphics (maybe will be upgraded this year).
Current Drives - 2 x 1Tb WD Blacks, 1 x 64Gb mSATA cache drive.

Any input, help, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers all.
I'm not what you mean by personal storage folders but I guess they are non Trainz related.

I have two TS12 installation on a 240GB SSD. The first, which is my "clean" installation used for development, is about 70gb. The second installation which has the DLC is about 58gb. I don't download much since my interests are making new content.
I would suggest a 500 or 512 GB, just in case you decide to put other things on there. I have seen mine on average go as small as 89 GB size to 723 GB, depending how much I load into it from 3rd party like RRMods/JointedRail/DLC etc. after installation. Also, get a Samsung EVO Pro series, much better reviews than the Intel 530 series.
Here is a couple of graphs you'll find interesting...

This is my UserData folder from a few months ago. This includes everything, prebuilt, DLC, Built-in, etc. If I were to invest in SSDs, I would go for 2TB server-quality drives, which I can't afford.

Mine is 16.7 gigabytes, but it used to be more, back before I had to reinstall TS12 all over again because I incorrectly installed SP1 HF4 and tried migrating my install from my old hard drive (now I use my new one).
My TS12 installation occupies a little over 24Gb and T:ANE just 17Gb. (My TRS2006 installation residing on another computer on my home network has been retired permanently as it is obsoleted by TS12 and completely outclassed by T:ANE.)
I'm not a big fan of downloading a lot of stuff from the DLS and tend to create my own routes and scenarios, so even if these installations both doubled in size, a single 256Gb SSD would comfortably accommodate my needs for the foreseeable future.
I have a separate SSD for my OS drive and a couple of multi-terabyte drives for bulk storage and backups, etc.
Now that I have upgraded my motherboard I have the opportunity to install an M2 PCIe SSD drive for seriously fast IO. Waiting for prices to drop a wee bit more before taking the plunge. No point being on the bleeding edge of the pricing curve!
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My TS12 folder currently is running just under 40GB (39.7GB) although I haven't been able to measure the size of my T:ANE folder yet since it's in two parts.

Two installs of TS12 on my 256GB SSD, which effectively means 238GB.

A clean install TS12 build 49922 (no asset updates) together with just my own created content: 12.2GB.
An updated TS12 build 63188 with a total of 44623 assets installed: 99.8GB.

My Windows folder is 17.8GB.

If I was going to replace my PC (or even only HDs), I would invest in at least a 512GB SSD.
TRS2006 folder: 235,376 files, 23,561 folders, 48.6GB ... no wonder my disc space is low

TRS2006 Local folder: 199,716 files, 21,378 folders, 38.2GB
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I have a dedicated Trainz SSD, a 256 GB Crucial M4. TS12 comes in at 200GB, TANE at just under 18GB.
WOW, really interesting comments and information guys, some of you must have 2/3 of the DLS installed lol. I should have created a poll lol. Thanks very much for everyones comments, looks like I will save for a bit longer (and wait for the price to drop) and get one a bit bigger and future-proof myself a bit. Im guessing once T:ANE is onboard complete with all its features, its going to be quite large also - especially once the serious downloading of content begins.

Im quite surprised how many are using dedicated SSD's already and it has confirmed my thinking that I am on the right track going that way also.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your experience, knowledge and ideas.
125 GB mine :) Managed to clear a lot of the old objects/splines/tracks as I get tangled when looking for the items needed. Also i only have romanian rolling stock + a few CD, PKP, BDZ and RZD cars. All built-in rolling stock, routes and sessions are disabled, but i guess this does not influence the size of the TS folder.