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1st off, I'm still taking complaints in my form. See my other thread about mods for the link, and no I'm not announcing any sort of results yet.

Now I'd like to clear the air a bit. These forums seem to be going thru one of their dark ages again. In the past I've been lucky enough to slip by the era of discontent without much bother. I in the ~11 years I've been here I've tried to stay: impartial, friendly, and helpful. But even I am finding it difficult to do so the time around.

Personally I feel if there isn't almost a "hit" out on me by a certain near omnipotent content creation group. If you have an issue with me, come out and say it instead of talking about me behind my back. I've considered these forums to be a 'home' for me to post my Trainz stuff, but it's increasing difficult to continue to think that way with the level of trolling, and attacks that happen on here.

And no this isn't a "I'm leaving" thread, I simply want to beseech upon you to take a step back and take a look at your actions here, and in other places around the web related to here. Ask your self, am I really helping contribute to this society? Am I being the the type of person online that I really should be? In the end people should feel comfortable being here on the forums, posting their work, giving advise, seeking advice, etc. They should not feel like they are dodging bullets and hiding from 'hunters.'

In the end, sit back, relax; and have a good time. Trainz (for most of us) is a hobby, a pastime, and something we all do for fun.

As a member of said group, I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about. I have not seen nor heard any reference to you in the past year or more of group discussion, and as you mentioned somewhere, we still host your site. The last I recall any mention of you was a complaint you had about a purchase, which was resolved and nothing more came of it.
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dragonharh, I'm not sure blackmail helps the forum atmosphere too much.

If posts breach the CoC then reporting them is a solution.

Sadly I have an ignore list that is far longer than I would like, but it does make reading this forum more tolerable.
These forums belong to N3V. It is their house. How would you like it if someone started a protest rally in your living room because they didn't like what you were watching on TV? This is N3V's playground, so it is their right to lay down the rules and enforce them as they see fit. Most people, when they don't like a particular environment, quietly leave without fanfare.

If you don't like N3V's rules or the way they enforce them, then go start your own forums.

Well, I would disagree that this is a "House" or anything like it. A forum is more accurately compared to a Town Hall or a Marketplace if were going basic Social Structures metaphors. It does belong to N3V, and they have picked their mods for whatever reasons as is their right.

That said, I would agree that shenanigans definitely go on. Now whether any of those include Mods or not, I have no personal knowledge of such. This leads me to make 2 points I think are important to remember for any poster on any forum:

1: Miscommunication. I love seeing Net Discussions, Debates and Arguments. Its always an exercise in both sides abilities to effectively communicate, and its rare both sides are able to keep up for long if at all.... Text is a very limited medium for most people, particularly if and when they let emotion into what they're trying to say (Which happens more often then not. Few people I encounter on the net strike me as being experienced Debater's). Then as often as not, if it gets this far, both sides start saying the same thing, and generally go their separate ways because even if either side recognizes this fact neither one usually wants to back down enough or be mature enough to admit this..... Hence, most disagreements on the net, which as often as not are started by it, are entirely characterized by miscommunication..... And this applies to all levels of heirarchy on any net exclusive social interaction. I see it everywhere all the time. Being ASD, Miscommunication has become something of a focus of mine, if only in an attempt to minimize its occurrence in my life. Needless to say I fail as often as not....

2: *Forum*. I could get technical and fancy here and link to Definitions of what a Forum is, or should be, but I'll refrain. Regardless, suffice it to say, in my experience, a Forum is meant to be an open place, where the only restrictions are laid out at the beginning and agreed to by all participants (Vis a vis our CoC). Mods enforce this agreement. After that, most Forums tend to shoot for an atmosphere of Inclusion rather then exclusion. This means you're going to have disagreements. Its just gonna happen. Tack into this what I just mentioned about Miscommunication, and any intelligent person should just have a bowl of popcorn ready beside their computer anytime they log into a Forum in preparation for ensuing hilarity..... Throw in some statistics if you care to, and suddenly the quip "Never underestimate Human's Stupidity" takes on whole new dimensions..... Its not that people are generally out to get you (Barring intentional efforts to Troll, or that one fellow that has a REAL hard time letting go of things), but its just that most people don't invest the time and effort to use their intelligence to figure out what they're saying, what you're saying, and then sit down and have an actual comparison between the two to find the differences.....

For Peter/PerRock:
.....These forums seem to be going thru one of their dark ages again.....

Personally I feel if there isn't almost a "hit" out on me by a certain near omnipotent content creation group.....

And no this isn't a "I'm leaving" thread.....
In the end, sit back, relax; and have a good time. Trainz (for most of us) is a hobby, a pastime, and something we all do for fun.

I agree its been dark around here lately. But mostly to me its seemed pretty dead. Mind I've been staying out of General alot.

I would suggest, have you tried contacting this creation group and asking straight? Worst they can do is confirm your fears? If its who we all assume it to be, I will add that sometimes some of their members can be a little rambunctious in a galling kind of way, but I really do not believe this to be anything more then personality traits rather then personally aimed attacks when I see it.... At the end of the day, they make great content, at a reasonable price, and why shouldn't they be a little rambunctious about it? Most of their members seem pretty cool headed regardless.....

I know I'm glad to hear you're not leaving. I would surmise there are others that feel the same. Who else has made and released decent Free ware Superliners in the last 10 years? And the Bombardier's (I don't remember if you made them or reskinned, my apologies), Ive sent you photos of my usage of them. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

And definitely I agree with the last sentence there. Im trying to upgrade my Graphics Card atm (What a sojurn this is turning out to be), but once its done I hope to join you and everyone else with this mentality, and dive back into Seattle.

Hope you're feeling better,