Homestake Pass


Steam Nut
While bored and perusing (great site, highly recommend) and google maps in tandem I found myself looking around Butte and stumbled on the old NP Homestake pass line east of town. I cant help but see that the track is still there, paved over in a few place's but still there. It seems BNSF semi gave up on it when MRL took over the track east of the grade (speculation).

Hers my question, with MRL getting eaten by BNSF (last I checked they still where not renewing the lease) anyone think the line might reactivate? I'm not familiar with the area but assuming there is steady traffic to/from butte it would seem at least a possibility. The only way east otherwise is Helena, but its a bit circuitous. Maybe even an alternate route around Helena? Like I said, not familiar with operations in the area and just found it interesting.
Wow, thanks for the awesome map site. However, the reactivation of Homestake Pass would be a cool idea to try out.