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I have to download the HOG textures (and a bunch of other stuff) since I got a new computer for my birthday, but I forgot, when you download all of the HOG textures, what folder in the Trainz folder do you drop them in?
They go into your CM, just like other assets ... You only need @ 6 or 7 of them though, all the rest are unused.
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When I click on the .zip file it asks me if I want to open or save blah blah blah, but when I click open or save, it just opens it up in file explorer... How do I download it into CM?
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Yes they are all textures, and can be imported via: "Import Content" from a downloaded file

Some other DEM's need 2 types of WebTexture's
So I don't need the extra 70 textures! wonder why he put that many on there. Anyway, when I download the textures, they go to File Explorer, not CM. How to I get them into CM?
In the CM there should be a tab: "Import Content" or something like that, and you point it towards the downloaded unzipped HOG file, or you can copy the contents of that zip file, to another file location, to import those HOG textures.

I have all the textures installed, they don't take up much space on my cheepo integrated graphics Vista laptop :hehe:

It took me 2 weeks to get HOG textures into Trainz in 2007 ... I was a big fat dummie back then ... now I am just big and fat.

I think I drove Slavedriver and others nutz ... as I was an absolute PC Dummie ... now I'm just a Dummy !
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So I don't need the extra 70 textures! wonder why he put that many on there....

The program that uses the textures (HOG) can overlay the map with either (a) the usual Tiger lines or (b) any other image, say a scanned map or whatever. The smaller group of textures are used for Tiger overlays, the larger set are used for an image overlay. Prety much every HOG route uses Tiger - in fact I can't recall ever seeing a screenshot of an incomplete HOG route that used an image overlay. The option is there though....