Has anyone noticed?.....This is the third week with no new post to the DLS.

Hi all,
I don't use DLS myself..........but so many members seem to be in denial. The service we have been used to has gone and the company that provided the service no longer provides that service. Why do I get the impression that it's just a matter of time until normal service is resumed.....we are quite literally..on our own.
It's the members that have been here for 5 minutes that get me - giving advice right, left and centre. Yes, go ahead and pay for a FCT or whatever where it may be ages before there is any response, if atall..............
Personally, I intend to remain a member of this Forum, having been a member for many years (lost count), with the intent of enjoying the exchange of views, but I havn't lost touch with reallity........the service has gone..........................
A member of a few months has no idea of the history of a Forum such as this and I feel moderators have a duty to ensure that the advice being handed out to those seeking answers, is accurate. In my view, a fair amount of the advice being given, is in-accuarate and below what I regard as acceptable for those who choose to seek advice........I have a feeling that some members are on a post count and still regard that as a supossed qualification.

Only serious responses sought.
If you've nothing positive to say..........say nothing.