Highlighting work on the North Bay Railroad


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<kuid2:944855:100138:1> North Bay Railroad - TANE by tho12eng1

I try to be on the lookout for great looking routes as candidates for creating and uploading sessions. One of my personal requirements is that all assets are available on the DLS, Base, or BuiltIn. This route had a few assets that prevented that. Most of them were assets that could be eliminated without affecting the quality of the route. The 2 exceptions were the roundhouse and the tunnels.

I have replaced the roundhouse with <kuid2:458053:105652:1> Roundhouse Ales

The tunnel track and portal replaced with
<kuid:439337:104642> SAP_Tunnel_Portal_5_PBR
<kuid:439337:104553> SAP_Tunnel_Spline_1_PBR

tho12eng1 requested that I post my work. Here is the new roundhouse in Goldbar


I plan to develop several sessions and upload them as time allows. For them, I will be uploaded a new route with the necessary changes.

I am adding below a few shots of the route so some of you may decide to enjoy this now.

Dock at Goldbar:


Logging at Camp 4

Foxfire mine;