Hey Conrail Lives!!!


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I was reading Norfolk Southerns second Quarter 10Q when I made a amazing discovery. The legal corporation Consolidated Rail Corp was never disolved it is owned by NS and CSX who share track rights. I guess will still see Conrail Blue and Norfolk Black together.:Y:
Yay! I love Conrail and Norfolk Southern and they is my baby:hehe::)! But I think that Conrail is out of business right now but not so thank god! I would want see Conrail is still lives for LIFE:)
No guys are forgetting about Conrail's Shared Assets. There are 3 lines in the eastern USA that is still run by Conrail and un-touched Conrail locomotives in their original paint, but they run locally and not nationally like they did. I know one of their lines is in New Jersey, one I think in Chicago, and the last one is here in good ol' Detroit! :D :cool: Gotta drive about 15 miles east twords Downtown Detroit to find the Conrail's line. -Chris
There are several areas here in NJ, I know the NEC is ne and the Chemical Coast area, plus the reactivaed rail portion here in Staten Island has warning signs with Conrail on them and there's a Conrail sticker on a crossing post. Even though it is small, you could say Conrail now has NYC operations. Tried getting pictures of the SI side about a week ago but half the pics came out with red over them, haven't used my old manual 35mm in a while so I've been relearning it.

Here's a link to where someone posted pics of the redesigned NJ side with the new rail connection.

Just noticed someone got some aerial pics of the new SI freight yard, GMTX 2109 painted for NYCT (New York Container Terminal) and what looks like some well cars, they are found in this group.
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