help with ATLS level crossing trigger command


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I am trying to get this command to work. I have it setup in one situation to open/close a gate, in which it does...sort of... it seems to work every couple of times i.e. it will open the gate on the first instance, skip the next two, and then close the gate on the 4th instance...this isn't so much of a problem. I am also trying to use the command to activate/deactivate crossing gates on a siding. I can get it to activate the signals but not deactivate them.. I do not wish to use triggers at all for this application. I have read the readme file and feel that I have tried every mode of operation.
For running trains I always use the ATLS triggers, one- or two-way as the situation requires, without any problem. Boat's tuorials are very clear on this subject. I thinlk the level crossing command is only to be used if your train stands still before a crossing without closing it, e.g. just after a station where the train stops. The command then functions (at a certain time) in stead of the normal trigger to close the crossing. You still need a trigger after the crossing to open it
I usually set my crossings up for two way/four trigger. I was kind of assuming this command was for trigger on only....I guess I could use triggers set to a very small radius. Thanks for the reply.:)
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You should treat the Trigger Commands exactly the same way you would a Trigger. They are in effect interchangeable. They both send out messages to the controller when triggered. If you are using only Commands then you will need either 2 or 4 in the schedule depending if you are using the 2 or 4 (Trigger) type. i.e. – 2 or 4 Commands to complete the sequence, (or you can mix and match with Triggers). You might find it easier to use the Arriving and Leaving versions. Only 2 Commands then!

There is obviously less control over the exact point a Command will fire than there is with a Trigger because a Command will fire when it reaches that point in the Command Schedule, no matter where the train actually is. That’s why they are best used after a station stop etc.

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Got it. Thanks very much. It turns out I was not allowing the crossing gate enough time to respond after giving the command.