Help with AI drivers.


I have a small problem I hope someone can help me with.
I have a through station with a branch junction at the south end, I would like a EMU to come from the portal on the branch pull in to a platform, load, then return to a parallel portal (i.e. next to the other portal). My problem is instead of the EMU returning it proceeds forward through the station then returns back through a different platform to the afore mentioned portal.The AI commands I use are--(Drive to Platform XXX1-- Load--Wait 2 Mins--Drive to Portal XXX). So am I missing a command or do i have to work on my track layout.
Might be worth checking that the train is actually able to go backwards towards the parallel portal - it may be that there is no track connection to that portal from the platform.

Also check that you do not have any yellow directional trackmarks that might be causing the AI some angst.
Put a red trackmarker on your ROUTE (NOT the session) behind where the EMU will stop in the platform. Then, in the driver's instructions, after Wait 2 minutes, insert the command, drive via XXXX. Of course, as Shane says, you need to check that your train can actually get to your portal but I assume you have already done this.
This should at least stop your driver taking the train through the wrong platform.

Hello again. Here's one other thing you could do in addition to the trackmarker I mentioned earlier. Although we haven't seen your track plan, there must be a crossover or similar behind your incoming train which allows your train to gain access to the other track and portal. Again in the ROUTE, put a green trigger on the incoming track so that the incoming train must drive over it. Then in the SESSION write the trigger rule so that the incoming trains resets the points behind it (use the trigger rule in conjunction with the Switch Junction rule). What you are aiming to do is to make it as easy as possible for your train to depart in the right direction and onto the right line. The less things it has to think about, the more likely it is to go where YOU want.
Good luck
I'm going to relay the station to make the track layout a bit easier, thanks for your help it was all useful.