Help Wanted! Calling all landscaping experts!


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To whom it may concern:

I have a route called the Utah Belt Solomon Subdivision that has no prototype except a Utah/Idaho desert scene in the 60's 70's and 80's. I need someone to help me out with landscaping and such because I seem to not be good enough. If anyone interested please PM me or reply here and we can talk about it.


TRS19 (obviously)
Knowledge of the terrain/landscape tool
Knowledge of the fill tool in the tracks menu

This does not include scenery/texturing.
If you decide to help out, your name will be featured in the route's description along with any other credentials (YouTube channel, website, socials, etc.) when the route is finished and uploaded to either the DLS or my personal site, Timetable Trainz.

Good luck and thank you very much! :D

P.S. If you decide to help out, you will have the .cdp of the route e-mailed to you and if for some reason it shows up faulty, then you can still work on it. The only assets that may have issues are the trees, tracks and some textures pre-applied.
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I haven't seen or heard much from Dangavel for a while, but he would be a great one to collaborate with. His Timber Ridge and Uintah routes have great desert scenes.