Help: TRS2004 doesn't load my structures


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Hello Everybody,

I havebuilt a few structures and wanted to try them in TRS2004.
I had already done the Bank tutorial and for some reason it showed up (I think). Since then I lost some data and I don't have a copy of the object.

The new structures were also done with gmax.
I exported them into the custum folder including rescources.


The files include:

The config.txt reads:
kind scenery
KUID <Kuid2:394032:1010:0>
mesh-table {
auto-create 1

obsolete-table {

category-region-0 UK
category-class BC
kuid-table {
trainz-build 2.0
region Britain
type Commercial

asset-filename Hotel_Europa
category-era-0 2000s
category-era-1 1990s
category-era-2 1980s
category-era-3 1970s
username Hotel_Europa

Any idea of what I am doing wrong??

TOM from Innsbruck
Try deleting the world_cache_dispatcher.chump file from the
Program Files\Auran\TRS2004\Cache folder.
After that, restart Trainz and the file will be rebuilt. They may show up in surveyor then.


A couple of other things.

At near top of your post you wrote "(C:\Programme\Auran\TRS2004\World\Custom\scenery\H otel_Europa)" - if this is correct you have one problem there already as there is a space in the Hotel part of your folder name. I suspect it is only a typo in this post, but figured it wouldn't hurt to point it out.

Then, another important thing to point out, in your config file about the kuid number.
Never ever use a 0 as a first version in a KUID2 number - the CCG guide is wrong in that part - always start with 1.
For TRS2004 it shouldn't matter, but when imported into TRS2006 or maybe even later versions - or quite possible when put unto the DLS - a KUID2 number with a version 0 is set suddenly to a version 127 making it impossible to make a newer version with the same basic kuid number to it.

Other then the two above things, I couldn't see anything wrong with your posted setup, so maybe it was the space in the folder name. :)

Either way, I hope you get it figured out, or if all else fails, I could take a look at it for you if you want to.

Good luck, and best wishes

Some progress but still in need of help

Thanks for the ideas.
The space is a typo.
I think I've found the problem but not the solution.
It must have to do with the way alpha maps are processed.

I made a simple box with texture - no problem - loaded and it showed up correctly.
Then I added an opacity mask (.bmp) to make the doors invisible. UVW Mapping followed by Unwrap UVW selecting and defining all faces.
In gmax no problem but in TRS2004 the box loaded but showed only a squewed mesh and no openings.

Any ideas.

TOM from Innsbruck

I set the opacity from 100% to 90% and used separate text files for the maps.
Now the box is a diffuse milky white.
I did add a speck of color to the bitmap since someone had written that TRS doesn't like pure black and white - still no go.
Thanks again

TOM from Innsbruck
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