Help save a busy passenger rail line to city's CBD (Developers - rail land = $$)


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Note that this also relates to my thread here, but believe it's better as a seperate thread.

If people that may or are visitors, tourists, or residents of or to the Newcastle (Australia) area and want to support then in keeping a busy heavy rail line into the existing(1) Newcastle Station, then it may be worthwhile commenting on this media article. IF you do, show what it means by having an unnecessary change of mode of transport to the CBD. Many have already said that this will encourage them to use their car more often to Newcastle. But please be aware that EVERY comment is edited, so if you do, save it to your computer first, as quite often they edit out stuff - that they don't like!
UPDATE: Please ignore what I said about commenting in that link, as it seems you are unable to comment on this story, but I am sure I saw last night a place to submit comments.

Also, it is almost guaranteed that this article will also be a rail line debate, as the ones who support cutting the rail line can & do [incorrectly] blame the rail line for the "decline" of the Newcastle CBD.

Why am I writing this here?
Because their is a campaign by the lobby group called Fix Our City (FOC) made up of several business people, but this FOC group now wants to take this national. One of this groups main aims (without revealing it when people sign and send their material to the government concerned) is to cut the heavy rail line just west of Wickham station. A few business people want it cut at Broadmeadow station (see link in other thread for location). Last night, they claim they were going to go national with their campaign.

One of the reasons that the above people/business groups is that they claim the rail line "divides" the city. Yet the buildings near the railway are the ones that really divide the city. They also claim that the line is hardly used. Well take a look here at various times of the year and see for yourselves. I have seen it quite busy and no I'm not talking about peak hours either. That first picture RailCorp had to double the length of the train, due to overcrowding and it was only a trail at first. It is now timed as a 4 car train.

Call me cynical, but this is just where the water views start. Nuh, surely that's just a coincidence? (insert Rolls eyes smiley)
What the developers don't publicly state is that the developers see the rail land sitting on valuable real estate (although shown in a video plan of theirs - sorry but their public video has now been set to private - wonder why??) To put it simply one group that wants the rail line cut is the Hunter Development Corporation. If you go to their various sites, one common link exists - and that is that they mostly have the same people with possibly only slight differences.

1. I said existing Newcastle Station as these pro-cut-the-rail groups want their so called terminus at Wickham to be called Newcastle Station.
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