Help! Had to Reformat, and I Lost Data


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Haven’t been on the Forum for many months, so I hope someone out there can help. I had to reformat my hard drive, and was unaware of which TRS2006 data to save. I managed to save a folder called “Maps”, which has my saved terrains, and each terrain has some files with the extensions of .Gnd, .Obs, .Trk, .Bmk, and a config file. However, when I saved a terrain in Surveyor, I did a search on the saved name and couldn’t find it anywhere in the Auran subdirectory. I’m hoping someone can tell me if it’s possible to reinstate these map/terrains in the reinstalled game.
If you do, you'll need to reinstall all the content that was on the route. I assume you did not backup your local folder.

If you did not backup local then everything is lost :(
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Your routes, objects, locomotives and rolling stock are all stored in the TRS2006\local folder. If you did not back this folder up then unfortunately all is lost :(
As the others have said, if you haven't backed up the TRS2006\Local folder, then all your data is gone. The World\Custom folders aren't used anymore.

There are a number of ways you can backup your data from TRS2006. You can either create a CMP archive file (.cmpa) and copy all your locally stored data to the archive (do a search in CMP for all Local data, but exclude the Built-in stuff). Or you can copy the local folder to any other partition or CD. If you are going to do that though, I would recommend opening all the Local data through CMP and copying the editing folder instead.